Game Creation Worksheet

Game Name A Sundered World
Settings Large


Current Soul Trafficking
Impending Innocence Lost

Faces & Places

Place Asmodeus
Aspect The Devils In The Details

Place Horizon
Aspect The City By The Sun

Face Zaidu
Aspect Hellcat Bounty Hunter

Face Grimbox
Aspect Sniveling Devil’s Advocate

Face Eli
Aspect Leader of the Soul Liberation

Face Nila Wenger
Aspect Soul Sister, Sacrificial Lamb


  • Number of Aspects 5
  • Number of Phases 3
  • Skill Cap Superb (+5)
  • Skill Pryamid/Columns Pyramid
  • Refresh Rate 3
  • Initial Stunts 3
  • Stress Tracks Physical, Mental
  • Default Stress Boxes 3
  • Default Consequence Slots -2, -4, -6


Stunts And Extras

Game Creation Worksheet

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